BY architects about the Šlikova 16 project

Prague’s Břevnov neighborhood is a unique district in many ways. For one, it’s within easy reach of the bustling city center and main tourist attractions, and two, it’s a friendly place where neighbors know each other by name and children can safely play outside. The buildings and houses are maintained at a liveable scale, the blocks are full of small shops, and only the occasional tram jingle reminds you that, a few stops away, you can reach a vibrant big city. One of these local buildings is the boutique Šlikova 16 residence, an inconspicuous jewel with an understated facade. Architects Markéta Zdebská and Marek Žáček from BY architects define what HOME means to them through architecture in Selected Magazine.

Ceiling reconstruction

The building’s complete reconstruction continues with the careful revitalization of the ceilings on all floors. The ceilings were first removed including the backfill, the beams were cleaned, chemically treated, and reinforced with add-ons or replaced with new beams and steel girders.

The sale of apartments launched!

The Svoboda & Williams real estate agency has launched the sale of the apartments in the boutique Šlikova 16 residential project. Ten modern units with practical one-bedroom and two-bedroom layouts, perfect as a primary home or as a long-term investment, will be built in this completely reconstructed building from the early 20th century.

Lower Part of the Building Insulated

Preparation work continues with the careful insulation of the lower part of the apartment building. By excavating the sidewalk in front of the building, boreholes were dug and walls were waterproofed to ensure the optimal well-being of the residents.

Modern elevators by Schindler

Swiss quality and elegance is brought to Šlikova 16 by the Schindler company, which was selected to be the elevator supplier in the tender process. The Schindler 1000 series is part of a new modular elevator platform and is equipped with innovative regenerative drive technology, which, compared to conventional systems, allows energy consumption to be reduced by 30%.

Svoboda & Williams for Šlikova 16

The developer gave the renowned SVOBODA & WILLIAMS real estate agency, an affiliate of Christie’s International Real Estate, the exclusive right to sell the apartments in Šlikova 16. The agency offers comprehensive services for the sale, acquisition, and rental of high-end real estate and is the recipient of many prestigious awards.

Preparations for reconstruction underway

Detailed building surveys and verification probes started off the preparations for the reconstruction of the Šlikova 16 building and will be followed by preparatory construction. An apartment building from 1909 until the 1980s, it was then used as offices until the present day. The planned reconstruction will thus restore it to its original purpose.

Protection of Historic Features

Before reconstruction work could begin, the construction company carefully covered all of the original elements of the building, such as banisters and the stone staircase, which will be repaired and restored.

Krostav in Břevnov

The general contractor of the boutique Šlikova 16 residential project will be the Krostav s.r.o. construction company, which won the tender. Experienced specialists in reconstruction, they have been involved in successful heritage building revitalization and modification projects, such as the Faust House, the Kramář Villa, the Straka Academy in Prague, or the Beneš Villa in Sezimovo Ústí.

Šlikova 16 BY architects

The developer of Šlikova 16 commissioned the BY architects studio to design the project, and the architects MgA. Markéta Zdebská and Ing. arch. Marek Žáček are the team involved in the plans. This studio has been active for over 15 years and has won awards in prestigious competitions such as the Czech Architecture Awards or Interior of the Year.